Conventional nebulizers are generally bulky in size and generally requires a power supply. Hence carrying them with you is not convenient.


Our Portable Nebulizer is small and compact so you can take it with you on the go. This travel nebulizer will let you live your life to the fullest like never before!


  • The travel nebulizer provides vapor therapy for common colds, flu, cough, bronchitis,asthma, and other breathing ailments. Instant fine mist of this nebulizer penetrates deep into your sinuses, nose, and throat for superb relief.
  • The nebulizer is made of medical grade and long-lasting materials. The portable nebulizer can be used for 10-15 minutes for better results. It's very easy and simple to use and has a single button operation. Moreover, it features patented ultrasonic mesh technology that helps to reduce all kinds of breathing problem easily.
  • The best feature of our portable nebulizer - it comes with flexible power options, either batteries (2 xAA not included) or power adaptor. It's ideal as a travel nebulizer.
  • This nebulizer is perfect for everyday asthma management for patients of all ages. Our portable nebulizer set includes one mouthpiece, two breathing mask (1 for adult,1 for the child) and USB cable.
  • Our portable nebulizer operates without making any noise. It’s lower than 21 dB while working, can be used in a place as quiet as a library.


What is in pack:


1) Nebulizer

2) mask for asults

3) mask for kids

4) mouthpiece

5) carry bag

6) USB cable

7) rubber plug

Portable Mesh Nebulizer Mist

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