Multifunctional Hygiene Postpartum Pads with a waterproof insulation layer, perfectly protect bedding and mattress from getting dirt.

The soft outer shell is gentle on the skin. Pads have a super absorbent cartridge that retains moisture inside and also neutralizes odors. Perfect for everyday child care, unlearning childen from using diapers and during childbirth.


  • Protects mum’s bed during postpartum period.

  • Soft upper layer gentle to the skin.

  • Interlining quickly absorbs fluids and retains moisture inside.

  • Perfect for everyday care and nappy changes.

  • Convenient during walks and travels.

  • Waterproof insulating backing prevents liquid soaking through on the mattress or changing table

  • Product size: 40x60cm





Multi-functional Disposable Underpads

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