Teething is a natural stage of development that every baby goes through. During this phase your baby will chew on many different objects to ease the irritation brought on by teething.


If you stand your baby up in his cot, you will notice that the cot rail guard lines up perfectly with your little one's mouth.

This makes the cot rail cover the perfect option soothe your baby’s gums.


A rail guard will protect your baby from the crib.  If your baby chews on the cot, not only does she/he risk swallowing wood particles, but also risks getting splinters in his/her gums.  


Create a comfortable and safe nursery with a cot rail protector for your cot.


How to order:

1. Choose print of fabric which will be appeard on your child's cot rail protector
2. When you place an order leave a note with chosen lprint of fabric in "Add a note" section in your shopping cart. 
For example: 1 , 7 , 12 , 7 , 1 


Fits for standart cots in size 120x60cm

Set include:  1 padded cot rail protector


Padded Cot Rail Protector