Cute Nest Set - MINT MEADOW



Children love to be cuddled and carried, especially those youngest ones, toddlers and new-borns. Our baby nest, made from soft materials, cuddles your baby and makes it feel comfortable and warm, and while giving the impression of space limitation, the child feels safe as in the mother’s womb.


We dedicate this set to babies from birth to 7-9 months (internal length of the mattress is 65 cm), but just undoing the string can extend the nest and give more space, up to 100 cm. Thus, the nest can be used longer.


In the first weeks of the baby’s life, we recommend tightening the nest so that it wraps around the child. In the following weeks, the nest can be relaxed and individually adapted to the needs of your Little One. The cotton cord ensures the regulation of the size of the nest, and the use of two designs and the possibility of their inversion provides visual stimulation for the baby and makes the bed an interesting object to observe. Our nest grows with its owner!


The nest also serves ideally for older babies, becoming the perfect space for playing, lying on the tummy, as well as for the first exercises – lifting the head or the rattles in baby’s range. Undoing the strings allows the use of a nest as a changing table.


3-piece set includes:

  • double-sided baby nest, measuring on the outside 65 x 100 cm, measuring on the inside 55 x 90 cm,sleeping area measuring 35 x 70 cm, 
  • double-sided blanket 50 x 75 cm
  • double-sided pillow BEAR shape 25 x 30 cm 


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Cute Nest Set - MINT MEADOW

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