Baby Nest – commonly know as a cocoon is the perfect snuggle nest for Little ones!

Designed for the youngest to provide a cozy place to rest.

The nest will provide for the baby a safe feeling during the transition from mummy’s belly to sleeping in his/her own cot bed.

The nest is a form of portable baby cot for newborns.


Nests are designed for newborns till around 14 mths, but our nests are growing up with your baby.

You can loosen up the strings to open the nest and use it for as long as it’s needed…



You can use it:

  • in a cot
  • in a cot bed
  • in parent’s bed
  • on the couch
  • on the carpet
  • as a play mat
  • perfect for tummy time



Baby nest in 5-piece set:

– baby nest 105x65x14 (100% cotton)

– mattress- can be used also in pram 70x30cm

– butterfly pillow 24x35cm

– flat pillow 35x25cm

– blanket 75x55cm


CANDY PINK &STARS Baby Nest Set - 5 Pcs

€65.00 Regular Price
€55.00Sale Price