Braided Cot  Bumper - LIGHT& DARK GREY


Every mother knows how important it is to protect her baby in the crib!

It is very common for the kids, during day or night, to get their hands or feet stuck between crib spindles or bump their heads against the crib walls.


Get a quality product, a custom braided bumper that protects your baby against bumps and bruises.


Our protective braids are sure to perfectly match your nursery decor, making it unique, modern and full of colour!



  • length : 210cm

  • height : 18/20 cm


Due to a huge influx of orders through our website and reduced staff numbers due to COVID-19 our order processing times  have increased to 14 working days after your order is placed before it is shipped.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Braided Cot Bumper LIGHT& DARK GREY